Tech start-up Torilo launches Bizedge, a one-in-all tool to make businesses thrive

Technology start-up Torilo Nigeria has launched a new product – Bizedge, the future of work.

The launch ceremony took place on Friday, November 19 at the Marriott Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos State. 

The new tool, Bizedge, was described at the launch as a one-for-all tool that optimises business operations. 

With just a few clicks, organisations who use Bizedge can seamlessly automate their human resources operations, accounting, taxation, management, record keeping tasks and other functions. 

Speaking at the launch, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Oluwaseun Farinre said Torilo, established in 2012 has always focused on simplifying, optimising and growing businesses. So Bizedge was created in line with the philosophy of helping businesses thrive. 

“We built Bizedge because we wanted to solve core business problems.,” Mr Farinre said.

“We identified that many businesses experienced difficulty in carrying out their daily operations. Bizedge is our solution to helping them do business with ease”. 

Aderinola Adebanjo, the product manager of Bizedge described the product as a “full innovation which is home to everything business”. He said with BizEdge organisations can generate error-free documents as well as keep a profile of their employees. 

At the question-and-answer session, a guest in attendance asked what made Bizedge more special than other many business tools out there. 

Responding, an executive partner at the company, Joseph Odunayo said Bizedge’s unique selling point is that it compiles many business tools into one app. 

“We indeed acknowledge that there are many fantastic business tools out there,” Mr Odunayo said.

“But what we have done with Bizedge is that we put all these tools together in one place”. 

“Before, you would need to subscribe to multiple apps from different companies and share data across different platforms,” he continued.

“But with Bizedge, what we have done is to stop you from stressing yourself across these multiple apps and give you all these solutions in one tool”. 

He added that subscribing to Bizedge aggregates all the business operations in a single place, thus making it easy to track and optimise tasks.

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