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Haste Arcade Makes Gaming Fun, Inexpensive and Profitable



During the recent Coingeek Conference in New York, there were several profound and influential guest speakers that discussed the future of online gaming and the BSV blockchain. Haste Arcade is one of innovators leading the way with the world’s first Instant Leaderboard Payout (ILP) games.

Eric LaForce, Technical Co-Founder, Haste Arcade suggested gamers of all levels should go to the online arcade, signup and attach their BSV wallet, then play one of the games. The concept is quite simple. Signup, pay a small fee to play, register a high score on the leaderboard, get paid. Everything happens in real time which satisfies those who seek instant gratification. What’s unique about getting paid on Haste Arcade is that you continue to get paid each time another player doesn’t beat your high score. You receive a portion of the payment they made to play the game. If you fail to beat others’ high score, you pay everyone you don’t beat.

We decided to give it a try. Like most of the nearly 3 billion gamers in the world, being a casual gamer best describes our play frequency. That said, the process for signing up to play was just as described. Quick and easy. Attaching our HandCash wallet was completed seamlessly, then making a micropayment to play our first game was instantaneous. Our game of choice was SpaceDodge, which appears to be a take-off the 80’s arcade game Asteroids. The first several attempts were unsuccessful in attaining a score worthy of the leaderboard. Our competitive juices continued to flow and before realizing it, more than a dozen games had been played. We paid out nearly 100 other players for not beating their score when we played for no. All our play was had for less than fifty cents. That’s a great feeling knowing a player’s lack of gaming skill doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Shortly after completing play on the Haste Arcade, which we finally had a score that made the leaderboard, the first HandCash payment notification came. Someone had played and not beaten our score. Then another payment, and another. This continued at a steady pace for hours. Although the frequency of payments has diminished, payments are still coming 6 days after the initial play. At the time of writing this article, we received approximately 200 micropayments while paying out about 100.  

Seeing micropayments in action on the BSV blockchain was quite impressive. Knowing that this blockchain has no ceiling on size, IPLs like Haste that build on this platform should see exponential growth potential in their space. There are a few other games that we expect to play on the Haste Arcade very soon. Hopefully making the leader-board right away to start enjoying those incoming micropayments.

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