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“My whole life has been a battle against the system” – Iyin Aboyeji talks about fighting to become a tech force



Most people assume that the journey has been seamless for Iyin Aboyeji, but this week’s episode of #WithChude shines a light on the entrepreneur and tech giant struggles in attaining the heights he has, allowing viewers and Chude Jideonwo, host of #WithChude and co-founder Joy. Inc, a glimpse into what life was before the fame and success.

Sharing his humble background and struggles #WithChude, the brain behind Flora, Andela, Flutterwave, and Future Africa, Iyin Aboyeji said: “You know I used to live in Bariga. Many people in my position don’t even know where Bariga is.”

Another struggle he confessed to facing was a lack of support in the system. According to him, “what I realized from my partnership with Andela is that oftentimes, credit is given to somebody that fits a specific stereotype. Ideas, innovations- groundbreaking actually are founded by some black minority guy in a basement and someone who fits the stereotype for the media gets all the credit”.

“I was lucky I had built a sort of street credibility and couldn’t be ignored”, he said, and this, in turn, inspired him to create and support solutions and power structures that allow access to credit and knowledge for people like him.

Succinctly answering host Chude’s question on how he deals with naysayers and attacks, he said:  “what really matters is the approval of the people you love.”

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