How terrorists attacked Kaduna-Abuja railway with explosive — Shehu Sani

A former senator of Kaduna Central Senatorial District, Shehu Sani, has narrated how he escaped death when a train he boarded ran over an explosive damaged rail.

Senator Shehu Sani in a tweet claimed that terrorists on Wednesday “attacked the Kaduna Abuja railway with an explosive & opened fire on the train, targeting the Engine Driver & the Tank.

“This morning, I was on board when our train ran over another explosive damaged rail. It took a miracle for us to escape”.

Meanwhile, a former National Union of Journalist (NUJ) Chairman in Kaduna, Garba Mohammed, who was on the train said there was pandemonium as commuters were left at the mercy of a few Police officers about 40 kilometres to Rigasa station.

He said all was well when the train took off from Abuja but two sub-station to its final destination at Rigasa, there was a bang and the train gradually halted.

“The lights went off, the AC’s stopped working and we were locked up in the coaches. There was no network, there was no water to drink, people resorted to drinking water from the toilet taps and the toilets became unusable,” he said.

“40 kilometres to Kaduna, we heard a loud sound and security agents asked us to take cover. A few minutes later, the security agents were moving around. We had to open the windows because of the heat and we could see the main road from the track where the train had stopped.”

Asked if the train had been attacked by bandits, Mohammed said: “Some people said the train was attacked, but there was no threat to us throughout the period we were stranded, which is about four hours.”

“If someone attacks a train and makes it stop for about four hours, then they have enough time to trace the location of the train and attack it, we were at the mercy of a few security officers before the reinforcement came but we were not attacked,” he said.

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