COVID-19: Kremlin discloses Putin’s health status following his self-isolation

Russian President Vladimir Putin, on self-isolation because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) detected among his acquaintances, is perfectly healthy, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday.

“He is absolutely healthy and will continue to work.

“I will tell you that both Putin and Sputnik V are working as usual.

“The effectiveness of Sputnik V was proven, it is very high. The effectiveness of Putin is even higher,’’ Peskov said.

He added, “The self-isolation does not lead to narrowing of his circle of contacts or slowing down the pace of his work. In fact, it does not change anything.

“Necessary tests are being conducted. Specialists and doctors do everything that should be done in this situation.”

Peskov was unaware of a decision on Putin’s revaccination.

Asked if the president was considering receiving a booster shot, the Kremlin spokesman assured that the president still had a high titer of antibodies.

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Putin has hardly ever worn a mask publicly, though he appeared to work largely remotely and was rarely seen in public for a period before he was vaccinated.

On Monday, Putin attended several public events, most of which were indoors and where it appeared from images on TV that no one wore masks. He shook hands with Russian Paralympians and pinned medals on them, attended military exercises alongside other officials, and met with Syrian President Bashar Assad, whose hand he also shook. Assad tested positive for the coronavirus in March and later recovered; it’s not clear if he is vaccinated.

During the meeting with the Paralympians, Putin signaled that he was aware of cases close to him.

“Even in my circle problems occur with this COVID,” the Russian leader was quoted by the state RIA Novosti news agency as saying. “We need to look into what’s really happening there. I think I may have to quarantine soon myself. A lot of people around (me) are sick.”

Peskov later said Putin was speaking “figuratively.”

Asked Tuesday about why Putin proceeded with public events, Peskov said that the decision to self-isolate was made after “doctors completed their testing, their procedures.” Peskov said without explaining that “no one’s health was endangered” at Monday’s events.

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