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‘Our God is not an author of confusion’ – Pastor Adeboye speaks on transgender



The General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian church of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye has claimed that God is not an author of confusion as he preached about the transgender community.

In a post shared on his Facebook post on Saturday, the elderly clergyman stated that God does not make mistakes.

According to him, the creation of male and female gender was an intentional act from God hence, the transgender community are wrong for changing their gender because they are telling God he does not know what he is doing.

He wrote in the lengthy post, “Our God is the God of distinction; He is not an author of confusion. A man chooses to be confused when he does not want to do the right thing as ordered by God and so pretends that he does not know what God wants from him.

“When God creates, He does so with precision and purpose. He created lights for a purpose and darkness for another.

“God, in his infinite wisdom, created mankind as male and female, yet some people feel the need to change their gender as though He did not know what He was doing when He created them!

“God does not make mistakes. Our God is the perfect God of distinction. He created the day for work and the night to rest. If for any reason we do not rest in one night, the following day should compensate for the loss of rest.

“Failure to observe rest produces stress, sickness and ultimately death. Little wonder life expectancy in the last fifty years has been on the decline. Achievements that should normally have taken forty years to accomplish are realised in fewer than thirty, at the price of dying earlier. The God of distinction says in His word.

“A lot of people have mixed many profane things with the sacred. The God of distinction will never lower His standards. It is our duty to live up to His standards.

“Look into your life and see where you have compromised your values as a Christian. Repent and begin to walk in the path of righteousness again.”

A lot of people who took to the comment section of the post expressed their agreement with the preaching of the pastor. While some prayed for repentance for their sins as Christians others made other forms of prayer.

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