Femi Adesina says Nigerians criticizing the military are ‘Ungrateful Unthankful and Ungracious’

Special Adviser to President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, has lambasted “ungrateful Nigerians” for being unthankful to President Buhari over his efforts in tackling the insecurity in the country.

The presidential aide stated this in a piece titled, ‘It’s Evil, Pure And Simple’ which he published on his Facebook page.

In the facebook post, Adesina said the recent terrorist attack on Nigeria’s Military Academy (NDA) kaduna “was deliberate, contrived, orchestrated, all to make government look bad, and pump discouragement into the military at a time they were poised to make a decisive end of the security challenges”.

“What should we have in a less hateful polity at such a time? Cooperation with government, encouragement of our military and security forces. But what did we get? Complaints. Grumblings. Wailings. They should have done it this way. They didn’t put this leg right. They should have faced that direction. And all sorts. What a people! What a country!

“And when there is a reversal in fortunes, no matter how temporary, as happened with the NDA attack this week, you see the predilections and propensities of the evil-hearts. They actually gloat, pretending to be concerned, while actually rejoicing that the house rat had urinated in the pot of soup. Miserable comforters!” he said.

The presidential aide said Nigerians should support security forces instead of criticising them.

“What kind of people are we, really? Instead of rallying our military, encouraging them and spurring the government further into action, they say the foulest things that can come from the nether region. Government is incompetent. The military is no good. They’ve been humiliated, and they only stop short of doing a jig on television, spewing expletives and concocting conspiracy theories. They simply forget where we were coming from, and where we now are. Ungrateful. Unthankful. Ungracious.” He wrote.


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