English Actor, Daniel Craig says the process of leaving money for children is ‘distasteful’

English actor, Daniel Craig recently revealed that he would not leave his children an inheritance.

The actor, who has charmed his way into the heart of his fans as James Bond, finds the process of leaving money for their children ‘distasteful’. One of the major names in Hollywood, the actor has earned an ample amount of money with several hit films.

The actor, who has played Bond in as many as four movies, will soon receive a huge sum of money from his fifth and upcoming James Bond movie.

In a recent interview with Candis magazine, Daniel Craig revealed he does not believe in the idea of leaving one’s inheritance to their child. He gave an example of an American industrialist from the 1800s, Andrew Carnegie, who gave away all his money. He further said he does not want to give away his “great sums” for his next generations and addressed the idea as “quite distasteful.” He shared he has a philosophy of getting rid of the money before he dies. 

Daniel Craig has been married twice in his life. The actor has a 28-year-old daughter Ella Craig with his first wife, Fiona Laudon. He ended his marriage with Laudon in 1994. The actor then married actor Rachel Weisz in 2011. The two are also parents to a daughter.

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