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Bandits have killed about seven Nigerian soldiers in Katsina State



Bandits have killed about seven Nigerien soldiers in Katsina State. The soldiers were reportedly killed at Kadobe village about 4 kilometres from Kukar Babangida village in Jibia Local Government Area of Katsina, on Monday.

They were said to have trailed bandits that rustled animals from Nigerien villages and crossed over to the Nigerian side of the border, DailyTrust Newspaper gathered.

A resident said some of the soldiers have not been accounted for since the attack.

“We learnt that when the bandits sighted the Nigerien soldiers coming after them, they waylaid them and killed seven.”

“Those that were not killed called for reinforcement from their country and together they went after the bandits, but up till now we don’t know whether they have gone back or not because they did not come back here,” said the resident, who craved anonymity.

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