EXCLUSIVE: People who attack my CV review business do so out of hatred for political differences – Dipo Awojide

Dipo Awojide, founder of BTDT Hub has defended himself amid criticisms for building a business that reviews Curriculum Vitae (CV) amid other personal branding services. 

In an exclusive interview with NewsWireNGR, Awojide said majority of the criticism directed towards him and his business come from people who target him because of differences in political decisions. 

“I think it’s ignorance and mainly hatred from folks on political twitter. I mean, I have not defrauded anyone or their parents,” he said  

“(They say) This guy supported Buhari in 2015. We are going to try to destroy him. We are going to try to criticise his business every day, saying he’s a scammer, he’s a fraud.”

He added that companies all over the world offer the same services he renders and there are people who indeed need his business. 

“There are personal branding companies all over the world. Personal branding industry is a multi-billion pound or dollar industry and even in Nigeria, there are loads of other companies, who review CVs, cover letters and help people optimise their LinkedIn profile.”

Dipo’s defensive statement comes after a man identified as Akwari Charles on Sunday criticised Awojide for charging fresh graduates to review CVs. 

Akwari tweeted, “Ogbeni Dipo made Nigeria Graduates believe it’s their CV that will land them a mouth watering job.

“He was charging them 15k to 20k per review.What does a fresh graduate with O work experience need a professional CV for? It’s the fraud of being a PhD influencer.”

The now-deleted tweet had over 2,500 retreats and spurred an argument on the ethics of a CV review business. While some supported Akwari’s stance, others argued Awojide’s company was providing a legitimate service that is rendered around the world. 

In response, Awojide reported the critic to his employers on LinkedIn: citing damages to his mental health as a result of the tweet.

NewsWireNGR spoke at length to Awojide on the personal branding businesses and why Nigerians need his services. The full interview will be available on our social media platforms on Sunday.

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