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DIY: How to paint your new room in Nigeria



Many new tenants in Nigeria usually want to paint their room probably because the present colour has faded or they don’t like the colour.

For any DIYers, painting a room comes with some challenges of its own. Doing it wrong can make the room look uglier than you met it and in the end, you might need to go get a professional to do it all from the ground up; might cost you more to correct your mistakes.

However, this does not mean it is impossible to Do It Yourself (DIY). Many so-called professional painters are self-taught. If they can, why not you.

Here are some tips to consider if you are planning to paint your new room yourself:


Paint the room in your head. How you want it to look and the kind of colour you will prefer. This will guide you on the approach to take in getting the room painted. If you will like some patterns drawn with paints? Get ready to use cardboard and/or tape for the designs.

You can borrow colour and pattern ideas by surfing the internet and watching some YouTube videos.

Select Preferred Colour

Your room colour should resonate with your feelings. Do you want the room to feel warm, cool, or saturated?

Also, consider your furniture. The beauty of your room tends to be more glamorous if the wall colour and colours of the things inside the room perfectly blend. 

Once you decide your preferred colour(s), you can browse online to get the name or visit a paint seller in your neighbourhood with a sample.

Below are some colours to choose from and what they represent.

Pink (Blush)

This colour is best for a female room. It is warm and cool.

DIY: Paint room yourself in Nigeria

Deep Blue

It encourages thinking and creativity.

Nigeria Lagos room paint idea

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Remember nature is green. You can keep in touch with nature by using this colour. Some people claim it increases wealth.

Paint Nigeria New Room

Crisp White

It gives your room a modern ambience.

Nigeria room painting

Calculate Needed Paint

Two things you surely want to avoid – too much paint and too little paint – to completely adorn your room.

Normally, one gallon of paint is expected to effectively paint 400 square feet. Take the measurement of your room to ascertain the needed paint volume.

However, to be on the safer side, depending on the wall type and design, you may buy 10% extra of the calculated gallon(s).

Assemble Needed Tools

No need to tell you there will be a need for tools to execute this DIY. Below are some painting tools you are likely to need:

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  • Paint roller
  • Paint roller extension pole
  • Drop cloths
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paint tray
  • Sandpaper
  • Painter’s tape
  • Rags
  • Putty knife

Prepare the room

Now that you have all the needed tools and paint ready, move all things away from the room to avoid them being stained during this exercise.

If you will be painting more than one room, you may start with one while moving the things in it to other rooms.

Cover the floor with old newspaper to avoid it getting stained too. No matter how careful you could be, it is likely inevitable to have some drops of the paint on the floor – by mistake, you may say.

Paint, Paint, Paint Your Room!

Wait! Before you start painting, make sure to stir the paint with a stirrer from the bottom up. While painting, don’t press the brush on the wall, gently roll it on it instead. When the paint appears to be fading, dip in the gallon. Don’t try to squeeze more from the brush to cover the fade, it will distort your beautiful work.

Final Thought

Painting a room is not rocket science. All you need is confidence and belief in yourself that you can do this. There is nothing to lose except that you will gain more experience; plus, it is fun. You may also watch some YouTube videos to get a visual guide.

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