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10 Parenting tips for new parents



Congratulations on the arrival of your child. From the moment of delivery, you have been ushered into the hard task of parenting and now you have to provide care and also secure the future of your child. 

Definitely, Doing this will require a lot of time, energy and money from you. 

But you do not have to fret as being a parent has also been described as many as the most rewarding task you could do. 

We have provided for you 10 tips to excel as a new parent: 

1. Love them irrespective of career frustrations: This is one area where most parents fail to compromise. It’s crucial to remember that loving and caring for children is just as or more important as your everyday work or schedule.

2. Get to know your kids: You must spend time with and chat to your children in order to get to know them. Spending time with them and conversing with them will encourage them to speak up about their feelings, and also relieve the tension of parent-child relationships. 

3. Get them only what they need, not what they desire: Carefully consider your children’s requirements, and carefully observe what your child asks for. If those things are really necessary for them, give them and if not, do not give them. Also, don’t forget to tell them why you are not giving them. This way your child will also understand your rationale.

4. Don’t hit your children: If you beat your children, they will be afraid of you. If they are afraid of you, they will be hesitant to tell you about their problems. This could be hazardous to both you and your child.

5. Don’t use harsh punishment: Punishment is necessary, but only to a certain extent. Parents should exercise caution when punishing their children, as they may develop a dislike for you as a result of the punishment. The best way to punish is to be gentle and careful. The goal should be for them to learn their lesson.

6. Take them on vacation: Every parent should take their children on vacation once a month so that they can learn about the world, see the world, and meet new people and places. This will also improve your bonding with them, 

7. Control their entertainment and play time until they are of legal age: Parents should impose a strict entertainment schedule on their children. You can decide how much time is required and sufficient for them. Encourage them to participate in outdoor activities and socialise with their peers. Don’t forget to inquire about their school or neighborhood friends.

8. When your child does something good, you should compliment them. This has a positive effect on children. They feel better, and they will feel better being with you.

9. Motivate them: There will be times when your child’s morale will be low. They are sometimes befuddled or dissatisfied with their academics and extracurricular activities. In this difficult time, they must be motivated in order to feel good and boost their morale.

10. Allow them to choose their own path: We must allow our children to decide what they want to do. However, we should not completely abandon them to their decision, but rather try to support them and inform them briefly about the pros and cons of their chosen path.

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