Ban BBNaija like Twitter, it’s an abomination, encourages robbery, MURIC tells FG

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), an Islamic Human Rights organisation, has called on the Federal Government to ban the reality TV show, BBNaija, for “awarding millions of naira to young guys”.

This was disclosed by MURIC director, Professor Ishaq Akintola while claiming that the show “is an abomination”.

Prof Akintola also noted that no state government can ban BBNaija except the Federal Government.

“If the Federal Government ban BBNaija, it will be like Twitter, which will be good riddance to bad rubbish”.

NewsWireNGR recalls the show which kicked off July 24, 2021, has 22 housemates contesting for the price of 90 million naira.

According to MURIC, “We (MURIC) issued statements on it in the past two years. BBNaija is an abomination. The problem we have in this country is that people don’t learn lessons from past mistakes. We tend to idolize idleness and immorality. We pick thugs as heroes and ritualists as our models.

“Our youths today have missed the road; what they are interested in is not what can make the country great. What do we get to gain from open vulgarity, open nudity, the spread of shamelessness?

“BBNaija is an exhibition of licentiousness. It is a pity. There used to be a time in this country when the military and the police would compel badly dressed, indecently dressed women and even men to go back home and dressed properly.

“But now, we are encouraging it so badly that we allow it to be displayed openly on television. The parents are not at home, the children are watching BBNaija, it is an invitation to chaos.

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“The government should ban BBNaija, the people are the government and there are no people without the youths. BBNaija is misleading the youths, BBNaija will encourage robbery, it will encourage insecurity, BBNaija is awarding millions of naira to young guys, awarding free cars and making young ones to salivate back home, wishing they had something like that sudden wealth.

“The Federal Government should wake up because no state government can ban it. If the Federal Government ban BBNaija, it will be like Twitter, which will be good riddance to bad rubbish.

“Twitter was banned for promoting insecurity and BBNaija should be banned for promoting immorality, indecency and corruption. We are fighting corruption; it will be part of our fight against corruption to ban BBNaija; it is national disgrace.

“The NBC should wake up and listen to the cries of parents. NBC should act responsibly; it appears to be sleeping. NBC should wake up.”

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Meanwhile, NewsWireNGR had earlier reported that a Northern group, Arewa Youth Advisory Forum (AYCF), also called on the Federal Government to ban BBNaija.

According to Yerima Shettima, the AYCF National President; “It’s a calamity for me; I never believed in BBNaija and I don’t think it’s fair because the show is an act of immorality. Such a spectacle should not be encouraged.

“I have often said that this show encourages immorality and that the Nigerian government should ban it, it should not be allowed to be broadcast in our country.

“You see, a lot of people are watching to see acts of immorality, these sexual things flaunting their nudity, and they made it look like a ‘blue film’, so that is to be discouraged.

“I urge true lovers of the country to join hands and draw the government’s attention to the implication of this program which should be discouraged.”

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