Following Iyabo Ojo’s lead, actress Nkechi Blessing apologises to TAMPAN

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Nollywood actress, Nkechi Sunday has apologised to the Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN) after the association threatened to frustrate her in the industry. 

TAMPAN had earlier suspended Blessing and another actor, Kehinde Adams for their social media clash over the arrest of their colleague, Olanrewaju Omiyinka who was accused of sexually assaulting a minor.

Shortly after, the Board of Trustees of TAMPAN and the Elders of Nigerian Motion Picture Industry also barred their members from engaging actress Iyabo Ojo and Blessing in movie projects.

However, hours after Ojo apologised to the TAMPAN board, Blessing followed her lead  and apologised to the TAMPAN board in a lengthy post on her verified Instagram page. 

She wrote, “The last couple of days have been of mixed feelings, anger, concern, disbelief, shock, and confusion.

“I did not get why TAMPAN directed their members not to work with me because there is nowhere that I spoke against TAMPAN, respected elders and colleagues who are their members.

“The only thing I have done is to speak against the culture of rape, pedophilia attitude and stood against Legemiami who tactically gave support to a man who has been alleged to sexually harass a minor.

“I will never be friends with those who are friendly towards assault, sexual harassment and molestion of any kind. I had to speak against this culture because this minor needs to be protected and this is not just about the minor in particular, it’s about the minors all over the world especially minors in the Nigerian space.

“For so long a time, many people do not see what the big deal is about sexual harassment, rape and assault on women generally and the sickening trend now are those men who seek pleasure in assaulting minors sexually.

“No reasonable person should keep quiet upon hearing about the assault of a minor. As much as we should seek the truth, our first reaction should be to protect the minor and perpetuate awareness against sexual assault of minors, that was what I did and I would be more than glad to do that again.”

Blessing stated that she has nothing but love and respect for TAMPAN, its members, and the elders.

She acknowledged the fact that her response to Kosoko’s threat against her career was disrespectful and apologised.

She said, “I sincerely apologise to him and I say I’m sorry sir…as I was driven by emotions but I will never be sorry for standing against rape, sexual assault and molestation of minors”.

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