Bread makers in Kano threaten strike over high cost of flour

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Bread makers and Gurasa bakers association of Kano State have threatened to embark on indefinite strike if IRS, BUA, Super and Golden Confectionery fail to reverse the price of flour.

Gurasa is a Kano indigenous local bread made up of flour that serves as one of delicacies used by people in the state.

The association, through its chairperson, Fatima Auwalu, in a statement, said nothing has changed since they called off the warning strike, prompting them to embark on indefinite industrial action until authorities and stakeholders do the needful.

According to Mrs Auwalu, all Gurasa bakers in the state are counting losses due to the recurring increase in the price of flour, which is the major ingredient for making one of the local staple foods.

“We normally use IRS flour, BUA, Golden Confectionery and Super Flour. We use these three brands always. But we’re in a difficult situation because our business has become the shadow of its former self due to the hike in the price of flour.” She said.

She pointed out that not long ago, the price of flour was N9,500 but now it has reached N16,200, calling on the companies to reverse the price to N9,000 or shut down the business.

“Since calling off the warning strike, we thought the price would reduce, but to our dismay, the price is rather going up day-by-day.

“The three-day strike had inflicted hardship on us and our customers, but we could not do anything to resolve this problem but to embark on industrial action in order to draw the attention of the authorities concerned to bring a lasting solution to the problem,” Auwalu said.

She explained that the association decided to call off the strike because of the intervention of the Kano State commissioner of police and other agencies.

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