Constitutional review: Sanwo-Olu asks for state police, fiscal federalism

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Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has made a case for state police, fiscal federalism and a special economic status for lagos state.

The Governor made his demands during the constitutional review public hearing in Lagos on Wednesday.

“For us in Lagos State, the issues of State Police and fiscal federalism are at the top of the priority list for us, in this ongoing review process. Equally fundamental, particularly for us in Lagos State, is the issue of a Special Economic Status for Lagos, considering our place in the national economy and the special burdens we bear by virtue of our large population and limited landmass.

“I believe the need for this Special Status has been sufficiently articulated and justified. It suffices for me at this point to restate that this request is by no means a selfish one, but one that is actually in the interest of every Nigerian and of Nigeria as a nation.” He said.

“The progress and prosperity of Nigeria is inextricably linked to the progress and prosperity of Lagos State. A Special Status for Lagos State therefore must be a concern not only for the people of Lagos State alone, but for all Nigerians.” He stated further.

The House of Representatives special committee on constitution review is presently conducting zonal public hearings across the country’s six geopolitical zones. The Lagos hearing, led by Senator Oluremi Tinubu, is held at the Marriot Hotel, Ikeja in Lagos State

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