Watch! Mr Macaroni chronicles his arrest, detention at the #OccupyLekki protest

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Nigerian comedian, Debo Adebayo, popularly known as Mr Macaroni, has made a video narrating his and other arrested protesters ordeal while they were arrested and detained by the Nigerian police force at #OccupyLekki protest in Lagos.

Adebayo who was also very active during the #EndSARS campaign in October of 2020 was arrested alongside 39 persons who were protesting against the reopening of the Lekki Toll Gate on February 13.

Sharing the short movie on his social media on Sunday, Mr Macaroni captioned it ‘One coward and 39 heroes’, alluding to his earlier claim that he never wanted to join the protest initially.

In the 14 minutes video, Mr Macaroni showed how close relatives and friends had warned him not to be at the protests.

But while he was at a location for a shoot, he saw social media posts of people at the protest and decided to mark his presence.

He then showed clips of how he and other protesters were beaten and harassed by the police officers who he described as people who place “no value on human life”.

At the end of the clip, he claimed that he has no regret in joining the protest because it is important for everyone to use their voice.

Watch the video

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