COVID-19: Akwa Ibom former Governor Dies Of COVID-19

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A former military administrator in Akwa Ibom, Air Commodore Idongesit Nkanga, has died of COVID-19 complications on Thursday.

Channels Television reports that, Idongesit Nkanga, the former military governor passed on aged 68 in an undisclosed hospital in Uyo, the state’s capital.

Nkanga served as the military administrator of Akwa Ibom State from September 1990 to January 1992, during the regime of former Military President, General Ibrahim Babangida and he died as the Chairman of the apex socio-cultural organization of South-South geo-political zone, Pan Niger Delta Forum, PANDEF.

As the Chairman of PANDEF, Nkanga campaigned for the restructuring of Nigeria and the development of the country’s Niger Delta region.

In an interview in October, Nkanga said he will not stop advocating for the restructuring of Nigeria. He said, “And we will never stop talking, and asking for restructuring because to ask us to do that is like saying we should abandon our liberty. The moment you abandon asking for justice and liberty, then you are not fit to live.

“So we will continue to advocate for restructuring. If you like to hear it, fine, and if you don’t like to hear it, it is up to you. We believe whoever said this administration will not tolerate those advocating for restructuring is ignorant of what restructuring is all about and he doesn’t understand what democracy is all about.

“If something is not going right what you do is to adjust it. Today we are seriously marginalized in the Niger Delta and they don’t want us to talk about restructuring? God forbid!, we will talk about it.”

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