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Lagos to sell bag of rice for N20,000 in festive season



Lagos State government in collaboration with the Federal government and Kebbi State government has announced plans to sell a bag for rice for N20,000 during the festive season.

This was disclosed by the Commissioner of Agriculture, Ms Abiola Olusanya, on Monday. 

Olusanya said that the state would be getting 100,000 bags of 50kg of rice to be sold at N20,000 per bag. 

This intervention will make rice accessible and affordable to many people.  

“We are intervening in the area of availability of rice for the festive season, and it will be sold at N20,000 per bag,” the commissioner said. 

“The most important thing is that we have rice available, be it Lake Rice or other brands.

“During the festive season, millets have to be polished, mill, and processed before rice will be available. “It’s not that rice is not available in the market, but the price points are a bit high.

“The intervention of the Lagos State Government under the leadership of Mr Babjide Sanwo-Olu, in collaboration with the Federal Government, through CBN and the Governor of Kebbi, is to ensure that we have rice available at lower price points.

“Don’t forget that they are in the harvest season now for paddy, so this is the best time to get good quality rice.

“The rice has started arriving as at last week, and we are expecting much more in the next couple of days.” 

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