Nigerian Soldier assaults, strips lady naked in Ogun over ‘indecent dressing’

A soldier, whose identity was yet to be ascertained, has on Saturdayassaulted a young lady who was dressed in a manner he considered indecent.

The incident happened around9:47 am at Oju-Ore in the Ota area of Ogun State.

The lady, who was clad in a pair of shorts and white knitted top, was trekking on the road when she was accosted by the man.

According to eyewitnesses, the soldier, who was riding in a commercial bus, alighted from the bus and pounced on the young lady, unprovoked, ThePunch reports.

They alleged that he slapped the young lady repeatedly and when the lady attempted to run away from the unprovoked assault, he violently pulled her back with her long braided hair.

The soldier was caught on video yanking off the young lady’s blouse and had also wanted to take off her brassiere when passersby intervened.


They begged him repeatedly before he let go of the lady. He then joined the commercial bus he was riding in and the driver drove off.

Men of the Nigerian army have often been accused of human rights abuses and sometimes, extrajudicial killings, which it always denied.

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