Why we did not support the #Endsars movement – Coalition of Kano Youths Movement for SARS reformation

A Northern group has explained the reasons they were against disbanding SARS and rather wanted SARS to be reformed. 

For two weeks, young Nigerians marched against Police brutality and called for the rogue Special Anti-Robbery Squad unit of the Nigeria Police to be disbanded.

On Channels Television Friday, a Coalition of Kano Youths Movement for SARS reformation, through its Coordinator, Khalid Kani on Sunrise Daily today, Friday thanked ‘Nigerian youths for their gallant efforts at voicing genuine concerns for a better policing orientation in Nigeria.’

He however said where they differ is that people in the North created a committee to look into the SARS problem and concluded that ending SARS in the North might have negative consequences on the region because of its unique insurgency problems. 

“Our opinion is to reform the SARS, not to end it. This is because we formed a committee before we held such opinion and we say ending SARS is not the solution but reforming SARS is the solution.“

“This is because if you say EndSARS in the country without looking at the problem prevailing in other regions of the country such as the North East, North West and North Centre, it means all the banditry, kidnapping and insurgency that we are witnessing in Northern part of the country cannot be solved.”

Kani also weighed in on the violence that ended the EndSARS protests. He said the group had predicted it when it noticed that the protest was hijacked by some ‘unidentifiable personalities’  

“And all the violence that occurred during the EndSARS protest, we have foreseen it coming. Because the protests are being supported by some unidentifiable personalities that have hijacked the protests. That is why we say we won’t support the EndSARS protests.” 

However, despite the group’s reform SARS position, the SARS unit was disbanded by the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu  on October 11 and replaced with a  new tactical team, Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) a day after. 

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