#EndSARS violence caused by political marauders looking for regime change – Northern Governors Forum

The Northern Governors Forum has blamed the violence that broke out in some states after the #EndSARS protests to end police brutality as the action of “diabolical influencers” who are bent on pushing for regime change outside the electoral process

In a communiqué read to journalists at the end of an emergency meeting at the Council Chamber of Sir Kashim Ibrahim House in Kaduna on Thursday, the forum said that it regrets, “the diabolical influencers in form of hooliganism, ethnoreligious bigots and even political marauders who are bent on pulling the nation down its knees and pushing for regime change.”

Chairman of the Forum and Governor of Plateau state, Simon Bako Lalong, while reading the communiqué said that the discussion had bordered on national security particularly the nationwide #EndSARS protest which according to him, has led to the wanton destruction of lives and properties.

“All these are antics of the enemies of the country who are violently pushing for regime change outside the ballot box,” he read.

“The Forum also notes the heavy presence of external influencers both locally and internationally.

“Called on all citizens particularly community leaders and youth groups to be very vigilant and report the presence of such people to security agencies,” it stated.

The governors commended the “resilience and restraint” of Northern youths and urged all Nigerians to see themselves as equal citizens of the country in order not to compromise the country’s unity.

The Governors asked that a reform in the Police Force be implemented and a Judicial Commission of Inquiry be formed to investigate all levels of destruction and killings during the protest.

They also asked the Federal Government to explore the possibility of ending the ASUU strike especially as most youths have become idle staying at home.

“The Forum is in synergy with other Governors in the South-West, South-South and South-East to address these challenges of nationhood” The communiqué read.

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  1. olusola ladimeji

    Idiot. is that what you promised nigerians when you took over power?you promised 1-1 dollar to Naira, you promised to revamp nigerian airways, you promised better life for nigerians, you promised, you promised good roads, employment for 100 million nigerian. You did nothing.

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