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Pastor Sam Adeyemi says it is unacceptable for the police to fire teargas citizens #EndSARS



Pastor Sam Adeyemi of the Daystar Christian Center has asked the Nigerian Government to stop firing live bullets and teargas at peaceful protesters demanding an end to police brutality in the country.

Adeyemi in a series of tweets late Saturday said the situation was unacceptable, urging young people not to back down until their demands were met.

He said, “It is totally unacceptable for the police to fire teargas at young citizens attending non-violent #ENDSARS protests. We cannot sustain the idea that the voice of the African youth is not to be heard.”

The clergy continued, “To our young citizens, please continue to speak. Please speak as leaders, not as victims. Leaders respond, victims react”.

“Press the point to negotiate for a win/win. The police/public officer is also sometimes a victim of a warped system. Change everything. #ENDSARS

“We are not going to be leaders tomorrow, we are leaders already. Leaders lead with vision and broad perspective. #ENDSARS is a beachhead.

Adeyemi said, “the war is bigger. Have a clear picture of a developed Nigeria. Push for a change in values and in the power equation”.

Pastor Adeyemi appealed to leaders in government and the police force to listen and respond to #ENDSARSNOW as a courageous commitment to change.

“When people are not heard, they raise their voices. This is a generational opportunity to move 200m people, mostly youths, to achieve development” the statement added.

“The mean age in Africa is 19.5 years, but the mean age of Presidents is 62 years (The Brookings Institution, Foresight Africa Report 2019). We need interpreters between the generations. The world has changed and political leaders need to know this and to lead with good advice”.

“Building a developed economy is inevitable. Let citizens prosper through land reforms, electoral reforms, change of constitution, devolution of power, world class education, infrastructural development, access to capital, etc. #ENDSARS

“Creating or providing these require courageous leadership. Let’s do it. God bless Nigeria. God bless Africa. #ENDSARS“.

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