Nigerian Police say those advocating for #EndSARS protests are trying to grow their online fan base

The Nigeria Police Force says many youths are using the #EndSARS protest to grow their fan base on social media.

The Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba, said this on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily programme on Friday.

He said, “I have seen some of those who are pushing for end SARS who are just pseudo-activists, people who are desperate for public validation, people who are looking to be seen as social media influencers and I will tell you these are the people that post false items, fake news.”

Mba said the media must be fair in its reportage as it relates to police brutality.

The police spokesman said there were also videos of protesters killing and slapping policemen which were not trending.

Thousands of youths have embarked on protests in several states calling for an end to police brutality and extrajudicial killings.

The police had on Sunday called on all special task force operatives to immediately suspend routine stop and search.

Meanwhile, the Centre for Democracy and Development West Africa has unequivocally condemned the brutality, extortion, murder and rape that the Special Anti Robbery Squad has consistently inflicted on the Nigerian youth. We call for the immediate dissolution of SARS and for investigations and punitive action to be taken against offending officers.

In a statement issued and made available to NewsWireNGR Sunday, the centre says “It is disheartening that the very individuals entrusted to protect us have become trigger happy, bloodthirsty extortionists”.

CDD called on the IGP of the police to take swift action to #ENDSARS.

“We call on President Muhammad Buhari, who has been silent on this issue to perform his responsibility as the leader of this country — and respond to the youth who constitute over 50% of the voting populace who elected him”, the statement reads in parts.

“The youth have spoken, and you must listen to them Inspector General of Police, Governors, Legislators, and President Buhari. #ENDSARS protests cannot be ignored. This is a democracy; there is ZERO room for police brutality”.

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  1. Honestly, the END SARS PROTEST was all over the world. I couldn’t help but feel pains for so many people who lost their friends and loved ones. May God help us all. We’re all affected! Please do well to also check out my blog for more updates on this too

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