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My love for Buhari won’t stop me from telling him the truth – Hon. Kazaure

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A member of the House of Representatives representing Kazaure/Roni/Gwiwa/Yankwashi Constituency in Jigawa State, has said his love for President Muhammadu Buhari will not stop him from telling the President the truth when it matters.

Kazaure made this statement during an interview with BBC Hausa on Facebook, on Sunday, June 7, 2020.

The lawmaker is a well known ardent supporter of President Buhari and stops at nothing to profess his admiration for him.

“I’ve been a supporter of President Buhari from when he joined politics till today.

“As a result, claims that I’m no longer with him are not true because I know him to be a sincere person who has a heart for service.

“From today till tomorrow, I’m with Buhari and we’ll never be separated by life’s challenges.

“But this love I have for him will not make me keep quiet if I see him in error. It is the person that loves you that corrects you.” Kazaure said in Hausa language.

During plenary last week, Hon. Kazaure had addressed his colleagues, on the issue of banditry in northern Nigeria.

At the time, he said: “Mr Speaker, people are talking about Coronavirus. How many people has Coronavirus killed in Nigeria?

“We’re talking about bandits. In a single day they killed more people than coronavirus has killed in Nigeria.

“I don’t believe in coronavirus” he said.

Explaining what he said in the House, Gudaji Kazaure said: “What I said was that personally, I Muhammdu, there’s nothing Corona can do to me.

“What I know is that it is God that allows diseases and He’s the one that takes them away.

“How many people did Coronavirus infect and kill in Kano?

“How many people have bandits killed between Sokoto, Zamfara, Katsina? 

“Just look and see the seriousness given to the disease, in every local government area, money has been deployed to fight it and how many people has it killed?

“You have to look at our environment and other aspects to see.

“The hype around the virus is not commiserate with the number of people it has killed.

“Coronavirus has always been with us, people have always had the cold.

“Some of them have had it like a mere cold and recovered from it without knowing they had it.

“My issue is that before Coronavirus kills one person, bandits have already killed 100.

“It is these types of killing that are more worrisome to me. In one day alone in Sokoto, 70 people were killed.

“Show me where Coronavirus has killed that many I’m as much time.” he said.

Kazaure was also asked about the amount of money lawmakers in the country make, and if he felt that the masses are right to say he was talking the talk, without walking the walk.

“Since I entered the House, every month I only receive my salary and allowances, nothing more.

“Previous governments have taught the people to place the burden of the executive on the legislators.

“The people expect the lawmakers to dig wells, build culverts, build schools, provide money for healthcare for the sick, the one looking for school fees will come to him [the lawmakers], the one looking for money for his wedding will also come to him.

“Everyday of our lives, they bring us their problems.

“Those at the top are more difficult to see or even meet so they bring these issues to us.

“So if you don’t give the lawmakers what they can use to solve these problems for the people, how do you expect them to solve them?

“You cannot tell the people that what they’re accustomed is not right.

“No matter what you do as an elected official, if you do not give the people, you haven’t done anything.”

“Every month I cater to the needs of between 200 to 300 people.

“My allowance doesn’t last up to ten days.” Kazaure explained.

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