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Alwan Hassan: Now that Abba Kyari Is Innocent, Can We Allow Malam Mamman Daura Rest



By Alwan Hassan

With the recent revelations that have come to light after the demise of the former Chief of staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, Abba Kyari; it makes sense to conclude that countless Nigerians may have to seek forgiveness from God for branding the man what he was not. This is because, for many years now, columnists and public analysts that report on activities going on in the corridors of power successfully led many Nigerians into believing that the late Abba Kyari was the ‘devil’ that we must all battle against. However, recent revelations from those who really knew the man have since proven that Abba Kyari was never our enemy — he was the gatekeeper who kept the vultures at bay.

Personally, I have always noted that the late Kyari’s accusers have never validated the many accusations levelled against him. There was never any proof of wrongdoing. All the Nigerian public have been treated to were a bunch of unverified claims, grandiose allegations and manufactured political propaganda; all for which late Abba Kyari was criticised, vilified, abused, insulted, hated and even cursed. Now that the curtains have dropped and the truth is surely but gradually coming out, Nigerians must now begin the process of actually seeking out the truth.

I would like to also observe that each and every time the name of Kyari was mentioned in relation to any shady deals or corruption of any type, the name that has always served as a natural accompaniment to that of the late Chief of staff was that of Mamman Daura. Like coffee with cream, and peanut butter with jelly, both men were always packaged into the same box. However, it is important to note that if Kyari has been shown to be innocent of all the alleged atrocities that were levelled against him, common sense demands that his ‘supposed accomplice’, Maman Daura, is also not culpable to any of the false accusations.

Having said this, those who led Nigerians into crucifying the late Abba Kyari are not showing any signs of quitting their mischief. Presently, they have thrown the name of Mamman Daura into the list of likely replacement for late Abba Kyari as Chief of staff.

Personally, considering the age and social standing of Daura, coupled with his bloodline ties to the President, the mere suggestion of Daura as the Chief of Staff is an insult to the old man for which he deserves an apology.

Having come a long way in life, Mamman Daura has no doubt paid his dues and it’ is therefore beholden on all Nigerians of good conscience to allow the septuagenarian to enjoy the remainder of his years — and practice restraint when sharing or participating in the unnecessary political propaganda and slander that has plagued him since Buhari assumed office in 2015.


Alwan Hassan writes from Abuja .Tweets @yesmylo and mail: [email protected]


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