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Pastor Enoch Adeboye wants Govt to include men of God in future COVID-19 Committees to tackle the virus spiritually

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Enoch Adeboye, on Sunday said the journey to normalcy had begun but insisted that government to always include the clergy in any future committees set up to tackle national health challenges as they were key in helping to contain such outbreaks.

Major Nigerian cities and the Federal Capital Territory Abuja are currently on a locked, enforced by Government as a result of COVID-19.

In Nigeria, over 500 persons have been infected while about 19 deaths have so far been recorded but Mr Adeboye, in a televised broadcast on Sunday, said “the return to normal living will commence in a matter of weeks”.

Scientists have argued that it would take months for a vaccine to be developed for coronavirus and many nations may have to curtail social gatherings and employ stringent social measures to ensure the virus does not do more damage.

‘‘I have good news for you. The return journey to normalcy has begun,’’ Mr Adeboye told members on Sunday. ‘’Very soon your pastors will return to their duty posts. I have perhaps one more Sunday to spend with you (televised broadcast), then everything will return to normal.’’

‘’I also advise the government that in the future when they are setting up their committees, men of God should be included,’’ the cleric said. ‘’I am not talking about small boys like me. I am talking about chief imams, arch bishops, others, so they can help them with the spiritual aspect of this warfare. I sincerely hope that we would all know at the end that it is not by our wisdom, our abilities, our planning that has given us whatever victory that we have already gotten. We need to return all the glory to God because as the elders will say, the rain can send you into the same hut more than once. We need to give the glory to God because we don’t want the victory we have won so far to be reversed.’’

Mr Adeboye also said a relapse in the scourge of coronavirus, even after it recedes, is possible.

‘’If you ask any doctor, he (she) would tell you that the most difficult cancer to handle is the cancer that relapses,’’ he said. ‘’We don’t want a relapse of this scourge. Like I said before, this coronavirus, by the grace of God, will recede. But don’t let anybody deceive you. It is not going to disappear 100 per cent. Flu came about a 100 years ago. It receded. Ebola came. It receded. You know very well they have not died completely. Let’s give all the glory to God that He will see that our victory is complete.’’

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