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Investment inflows into Nigeria drops by $460m —NBS



The National Bureau of Statistics said the investment inflows into Nigeria declined by $460m from $5.82bn in the second quarter of this year to $5.36bn in the third quarter.

In a report issued Monday, the NBS said this in its Capital Importation Report which was released on Monday, it says the third quarter inflow of $5.36bn represents a decrease of  7.78 per cent when compared to the second-quarter figure of $5.82bn.

The report said the largest amount of capital importation was received through Portfolio investment, which accounted for $2.99bn representing 55.88 per cent of total capital importation.

This is followed by Other  Investment, which accounted for $2.16bn or 40.39 per cent of total capital, while  Foreign  Direct  Investment accounted for $200.08m or 3.73 per cent of total capital imported in the third quarter of this year.

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