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Election: Armed thugs chase Policemen out of Kogi Pulling Unit



Policemen deployed at polling unit 006, Asuta ward, Kabba/Bunu local government area of Kogi state, fled on Saturday after suspected thugs took over the unit.

At least five of the officers escaped through a nearby bush shortly after irate youth surrounded the voting area, destroying election materials.

The rate of violence has been high in Kabba/Bunu, where senatorial and governorship elections are holding.

Meanwhile, the police say the challenge of securing voters and electoral officials was tougher in Kogi than Bayelsa.

Frank Mba, force public relations officer, during an interview on Channels Television on Saturday said Kogi recorded a higher level of violence.

He said, “I admit that there have been challenges in Kogi. The situation in Kogi has been challenging, more challenging than Bayelsa,”.

“When you are policing an environment where politicians play very desperate games and want to win at all cost, you will be swimming against the tides”.

“As hard as we might have tried I do not believe that we will be able to mop up every single illicit weapon within those areas where elections are currently taking place,” he said.

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