Unite And Take Back Nigerian From Buhari, Sule Lamido Tells Nigerians

Former Governor Sule Lamido has called on Nigerians to unite and take back their country from President Muhammadu Buhari and the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC in the 2019 general election.

Lamido said this is because the President had within the three years he has spent in power so far, demonstrated lack of capacity to govern Nigeria and the country may cease to exist if Nigerians allowed him to continue beyond 2019.

The former Jigawa state governor who has declared his intention to contest for presidency on the platform of of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP,  in the 2019 general election said this is because under  Buhari administration, the country has experienced many crises, economic hardship, high level of corruption while piling up debts.

Lamido said while PDP in 16 years, incurred a national debt of N9 trillion for Nigeria, APC has already has already incurred N20 trillion in three years.

“Today, we have killings, nepotism, high handedness, corruption, so if this trend continues into 2019 and APC remain beyond that, this country will cease to exist,” Lamido.

He added that the ruling APC was not formed out of genuine concern for Nigeria, but as a means of seizing power through blackmail, threats and desire to oppress and harass Nigerians. 

“This country belongs to all of us, but today, Nigeria is sick, Nigeria has been hijacked, Nigeria is ruled with fear, intimidation and blackmail.  if you talk, they go after you. APC lacks the capacity to govern Nigeria, there is killing all over, we have to wake up because we are having global embarrassment,” noted Lamido.

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