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UNGA: Terrorism, Human Rights, Repatriation of Looted Funds Top Nigeria’s Agenda



Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffery Onyeama, has said that the country will be seeking the help of member states of the United Nations, UN, in combating terror, human rights issues and the return of stolen funds. at the UN’s General Assembly holding in New York next week.

“A major global challenge, of course, is the issue of terrorism, and for us of course, that is also a big priority. It is one of the priorities Mr. President has identified and the country is fully engaged in addressing.

“We will again be engaging with the international community in trying to find a definitive and lasting solution to the global challenge of terrorism, we will share with the international community, the challenges we’ve been facing and the successes, and the extra support that we need in our engagement with the scourge of terrorism, and also support in freeing all the hostages held by the terrorist group here in Nigeria.

“The Chibok girls and all the others, that’s still a priority for this government.

“Another issue will be the question of illicit flow of financial assets around the world,” Onyeama said.

The minister also said President Muhammadu Buhari is expected to lead the Nigerian delegation to the assembly.

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