‘David Mark for President’ Campaign Posters Flood Makurdi

Former Senate President David Mark’s 2019 presidential campaign posters yesterday flooded Makurdi metropolis in Benue State.

The posters and the banners, bearing the inscription of Mark to contest the next presidential election in the country were also flaunted at the secretariat of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) where members held congress yesterday.

Mark was absent at the crowded meeting which sought to reunite members and keep them abreast of the party’s recent outing in Abuja after the Supreme Court’s victory.

Our correspondent observed that some youths holding the posters were also chanting that Mark would be the man for the job in the next general election.

But, the various speakers at the occasion did not comment on the development as they were unanimous in their decision to rejuvenate the party in the state for a possible take-over of government in 2019.

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