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Case of Mistaken Identity as Cultist Kills Nigerian Returnee, Mr Victor Adeniyi



Residents of Owo in Ondo State woke to the dismembered body of one Mr Victor Adeniyi, a returnee from the United Kingdom said to have been brutally murdered by suspected cultist.


The Slain Adeniyi was said to have arrived Akure only two days when he was eventually killed, the victim was mistaken for one Prince Victor Tosin Kuteyi as he’s popularly known as is said to have fled the South Western State for over four years now for fear of his life.


Eyewitness accounts say Adeniyi, in his early 30’s was butchered in the open, early hours of Tuesday and suspected Police officers were said to have been in the know of the killing as siren blaring convoy with officers had been at the scene while the young man was mobbed and eventually killed.


“The cultist have become lords and government and law enforcement authorities over the rest us of us” says My Olutayo Segun a resident who witnessed the unfortunate incident.


“The authorities have shown they are incapacitated to manage the disturbing rampaging activities of these dangerous criminals – we heard the victim shouting he was innocent and had no idea what the cultists were accusing him of before he was butchered”.


Mr Segun in an interview with our correspondent said it was at dawn the cultist realised they had murdered a wrong person on realising that the details on the Identification Card of the victim and his looks did not match the 2013 records of the same Victor the group had been on the trail to murder for years now, the victim’s dismembered body was immediately dumped by the roadside.


Activities of cultist in the South Western state of Nigeria had been a course of concern for residents who fear for their safety, only recently, the residents called on the Inspector General of Police, Mr Ibrahim Idris to save them from incessant cult clashes in the community which have resulted to the loss of lives.

Specifically, the residents alleged that policemen and other security agents were members of the cult group, the development, according to them, made the fight against cultism difficult for the security agencies in the state to control and manage.

Our reporter recalls that in 2013, Mr Kuteyi said to have fled for his safety for while now was almost assassinated by the cult groups but was lucky to have fled and ever since then, he has remained on the watch list of the dangerious group terrorising Ondo State.

In January, Arsonists suspected to be cultists have burnt a section of a popular Muslim primary school located at Isinkan Street in Oke Aro area of Akure, the Ondo State capital. The government-owned school, said sources, was invaded around midnight by cultists said to have been terrorizing the neighborhood. The invaders burgled the office of the headmistress of the school, carting away useful documents and electrical appliances after which they set it ablaze.


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