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Breaking: Ex – Convict James Onanefe Ibori Arrives Nigeria




The former Governor of Delta State, James Onanefe Ibori who was released last month from prison in the United Kingdom (UK) has arrived in Nigeria.


James Ibori, who was recently released from a British prison where he served a jail term for corruption, has indicated his plan to rejoin politics upon his return to Nigeria.

Mr. Ibori, who ruled the oil rich state between 1999 and 2007, said he would not quit politics until his death.

“What happens in African politics – you are in it until you die,” he told Reuters in London after a court hearing on Tuesday.

“I am a politician, I will always be a politician. I play the politics in my party and in my country for the good of my people.”

Mr. Ibori, however, said he would not contest any elective position again because he had been barred for 10 year because of his conviction.

He gave indication that he would appeal against the conviction.

Mr. Ibori was in court as part of the ongoing legal proceedings in his case.

He had left prisons in December after serving half of his 13 year jail term, taking into account pre-trial detention.

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