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London Fans Pay £20 Entry Fee to Take Selfies With SnapChat Star, Bobrisky



Famous Nigerian cross dresser is definetly a star.. There’s no point questioning if he is one or not..

According to online accounts, Bobrisky flew to England to meet with fans in London, the entry fee to see the SnapChat star was £20, and the turn out was outstanding as many fans trooped to the event centre and almost mobbed Bobrisky as they struggled to sit and take selfies with him.

Only recently, Bobrisky; the most popular Nigerian on Snapchat and the most talked about Nigerian on social media in the last months was involved in another controversy as speakers turned down slots to speak at the new media conference with him..

Prominent among those that publicy declined is Bashir Ahmad who is the Personal Assistant on New Media of Nigeria’s president, and Femi Falodun COO of ID Africa and Subomi of Alder Consulting..

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