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“It Is Not The Destiny of Every Person To Get Married.” – Banky W Unperturbed



It is no secret that top Nigerian RnB artiste, Banky W, is one of the most eligible bachelors in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Good-looking and talented, the 35-year-old artiste whose real name is Olubankole Wellinton recently became the butt of jokes as a result of his single status.

Obviously unperturbed by fans who clamour for him to get married, the singer once again set the record straight in a radio interview aired in Lagos on Thursday night.

When the topic of marriage cropped up during the chat, Banky W had this to say: “The same people who would pressurise you to get married are the people who would criticise you when you fail. Oprah Wilson changed the world but she never got married. It is not the destiny of every single person to get married.”

When asked if he was planning to dump music for any other profession, Banky W, who recently debuted in Nollywood, starring in the blockbuster movie, The Wedding Party, said, “I don’t know if I would ever dump music for any other thing. This is because music is something that you fall in love with, and it will never really let you go of you.”

On a SnapChat rant to reveal plans to hold a secret wedding.

He said, “My whole life has been a show. Not making my wedding one too. No way. If/when I do get married, no way I’m doing that huge Lagos wedding move.

“If I have my way I’m not even releasing pre-wedding pictures. Y’all not gonna Naija-blog me. World gonna find out after it’s already said and done. My wedding will take place at a secret location. Somewhere you will need two visas to get to.”

One of the highest-earning Nigerian musicians, Banky W has been romantically linked to his EME Records first lady, Niyola and an Italian-Ghanaian model, Andrea Manuella Giaccaglia.

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