“APC Will Win By 75%” -Godwin Obaseki Is So Sure He Came Up With The Statistics

The candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Godwin Obaseki, on Thursday, said that he would emerge victorious by a wide margin in the Edo State governorship election scheduled for September 28.

Obaseki, who disclosed this during an interview with journalists in Benin, the state capital, explained that there were indications across the state that the APC would win by 75 per cent.

“From all the feelers we are getting from across the state, the indications are that we will win by 75 per cent. That is what the Gallup poll I monitored last night indicated. Particularly in Edo-South, things have improved quite significantly from the last poll that we received.”
The APC candidate also stated that the opposition Peoples Democratic Party had become jittery due to the rate of defections from the opposition party, especially in Edo-Central, which many regarded as one of the PDP’s “stronghold”.

He explained, “Edo-Central has been very interesting. The amount of defections from the PDP has, essentially, crumbled the opposition party in the centre and even their strongholds. They are becoming very jittery.

“Edo-North is essentially open to us, apart from a few units in Akoko-Edo and one unit in Owan-East. So, from what we can see today, barring any unforeseen circumstances, barring violence that would scare people from the poll and barring any attempt by the opposition party to cause disruption in some highly populated voting units so that the results from those units would be inconclusive, we believe that we are very comfortable.”

Obaseki, who raised concerns about the alleged movement of suspected militants into the state, however, expressed confidence in the ability of security agencies to forestall any interference with the election process.

He said, “Well, we were worried but we are no longer worried because if you were in Benin yesterday, you should have seen the demonstration of force by the combined team of military and police, essentially trying to reassure the people that the security situation in the state is intact.

“We also are very encouraged by the arrests that are being made across the state. You will recall that two nights ago, some militants who were being lodged in some hotels were arrested and I hope the investigations will lead to more arrests.

“I know that, based on reports and petitions, security forces are on the alert in the riverine areas, particularly along the River Niger and in places like Agenebode, where they planned to import militants from Idah (Kogi State) across the water. This plot is being financed by one of the well-known PDP leaders from the area.”


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