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We Would Resist Your Conspiracy With APC, PDP Tells INEC



…Calls On Electorate To Ignore Zakari Mohammed, Ikiowak, APC Candidates

The Chairman, Rivers State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Bro. Felix Obuah says he received the renewed statement by the Independent Electoral Commission, INEC, through the Resident Commissioner in Rivers State, Mr. Aniedi Ikoiwak, reiterating the Commission’s position to declare results of the cancelled March 19, 2016 Legislative Elections in Tai LGA, in disobedience of a subsisting court order, with grave disappointment and suspicion of grand conspiracy between it and the All Progressives Congress, APC.

The PDP Chairman believes that this action has further exposed the Commission’s compromised stance and confirmed an undisputable pact between some of its officials in the State and in Abuja, and candidates of the All Progressives Congress, who are afraid of contesting a free, fair and peaceful election in the State.

It is suspicious hearing that the same INEC that cancelled elections in eight local government areas, including Tai LGA, and which Mr. Ikiowak today, Monday September 20, admitted that “the issue of suspension, like it affected other areas, was done in the course of elections”, and as earlier explained, on grounds of electoral fraud and violence, has now, after six months, made a u-turn, and apparently, succumbing to APC’s pressure and influence to declare results of elections that never took place.

The PDP urges INEC to stop blowing hot and cold, saying rather than taking actions to redeem its already battered image as result of series of inconclusive or postponed elections under the current administration, the Commission, through the like of Zakari Mohammed and Aniedi Ikiowak, is still conducting itself in the most undignified manner to prove it remains an unrepentant and have its hands soiled by the desperation of the APC and its candidates, Mr. Magnus Abe and Barry Mpigi.

It is important we remind Mr. Ikiowak, who said the decision of the Commission to cancel the said elections did not get to the EOs, and so they could not communicate same to those who were in the field, that the EOs he is referring to, after receiving the suspension order, announced the decision to stakeholders and potential voters at their various duty posts, and it was pursuant to this order that the electoral process in the LGA was discontinued.

Again, how can Ikiowak solicit confidence of the people in an institution that has derailed and planning to rob the people of their mandates. It is only an institution that is upright and strongly upholds the tenets of democracy, including the conduct of a participatory election and declaration of results that truly represent the popular view of the masses that can enjoy such confidence as demanded by the Rivers REC, Mr. Ikiowak.

One thing that is clear to us is the fact that Mr. Ikiowak and his INEC are only testing the waters, but should be aware of the implications of declaring fake results and conniving with desperate politicians to destroy the nation’s democracy and cause anarchy in the land.

We therefore, urge INEC to retrace its steps, impress on some of its staff and officials, including Zakari Mohammed and Aniedi Ikiowak, to discontinue the compromise and conspiracy with the APC, which has today put the Commission in bad light.

We will not allow this rape of democracy and abuse of people’s right to succeed, Obuah maintained.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Nancy

    2016/09/21 at 3:45 pm

    This is a ridiculous headline. I do not understand why people insist on using ‘would’ instead of ‘will.’ Any decent news organization should have copy editors that know that ‘would’ is not the future tense of ‘will.’ It is mostly used in conditional contexts.

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