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“The Oduah Family Is The Only Family We Have” – Stella Oduah’s Son Slams Father

Satchie Etoromi, Senator Stella Oduah’s ex-husband, one of their sons, Tuoyo Etoromi Oduah, has released a damning statement to his father.

Ex-husband of Senator Stella Oduah Wants His Son’s Corpse Buried In Warri And Not Anambra

In the statement, he denounced his father saying that he will rather be a bastard than be called a son of Mr Etoromi. Tuoyo Oduah accused his father of being an attention seeker in the course of his brother’s death.

Reacting to the claims by his father saying he was not informed of the death of late Maxwell Etoromi, he said he called his father on the day of the incident to inform him.

He also said he was ready to start a new beginning with his father but does not want anything to do with his father after issuing the statement.

“I feel so heartbroken and distraught that during our time of mourning for my beloved brother, I have been reduced to issue a press statement against my biological father, Mr Satchie Etoromi.

“Life is serious. It is not a Nollywood movie. This is madness. This is evil. This is defamation. This is attention seeking. This is opportunism. This is shamelessness. This is jealousy. This is abnormal. This is bitterness. This is shocking!

“Buwa and I were the product of a short and abusive marriage that ended almost 30 years ago. To a man with many other wives and children. Stella Oduah is the only father, mother, carer and provider that my brother has ever known. The Oduah family is the only Family that he has ever been part of and Akili Ozizo in Anambra state is the only hometown he has ever had.

“I called Mr Satchie and the Etoromi family to inform them immediately my brother passed. I offered flights, accommodation and special care for him or the representatives of the family throughout the funeral. I offered to build a relationship and have a new start. I was happy and optimistic. But i was wrong. Instead of asking about his dead son, he proceeded to use my brothers passing as an excuse to shamelessly insult my mother just like he is doing now, issue death threats and even ask for dowry from almost 30 years ago.

“This is madness. Mr Satchie Etoromi’s motivation is not love, not grief, not reconciliation, not to reach out but to seek attention, bitterness, revenge, jealousy, abusive tendencies, possessiveness and maybe even genuine madness.

“Mr Satchi Etoromi, I beg you with God to please leave us alone forever and let Buwa rest in peace. May God have mercy on your soul on for what you have just done. I wanted to forgive and reconcile but your recent actions and character have revealed that it is better to be a bastard than be your son.

“This will be the first and last time that I will acknowledge and respond. Any further public words and actions from Mr Satchie Etoromi will be addressed through legal means. Late Maxwell Chinedu Etoromi gave up the ghost on Friday, August 26, after he took a wrong medication prescribed for him following a tooth surgery. The 28-year-old, died at a Turkish private hospital in Abuja.

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