Int’l Thinkthank Protest Widespread Inconclusive Polls Recorded By Prof. Yakubu Led INEC

The Vanguard for Sustainable Democracy and Good Good Governance, a public interest think­tank, has written to Mahmood Yakubu, the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, to protest the widespread uncertainties that had continued to mar his leadership of the commission.

In a letter jointly signed by Salisu Ibrahim and Greggory Nwosu, its West African programme coordinator and Nigeria representative, respectively, the VSDGGG said its recent findings about the conduct of Mr. Yakubu­led INEC have shown that it would be difficult to guarantee a successful election in 2019.

“This leaves one to wonder what happened to electioneering process in Nigeria all of a sudden, especially that the 2015 general elections was declared nationally and internationally as a free, fair and credible election,” the group said.

Mr. Ibrahim and Mr. Nwosu said the recent spate of inconclusive elections and a statement recently credited to Mr. Yakubu to the effect that 2019 elections might turn out inconclusive were strange in Nigeria, adding that the success of recent general elections had elicited huge praises from the international community.

“To worsen the confidence of the electorate in the ability of the Commission to deliver the Nation from the pangs of inconclusive elections, you reportedly stated in the Print Media on the 20th day of August 2016 that it is very undoubtful that the Commission would be able to guarantee conclusive elections in 2019.

“Your antagonists and critics have pounced on this statement and called for your removal from the headship of the Commission.

“On our part, we find these developments worrisome and wish to state that it is a threat to democracy and a threat to the existence of the unity of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.,” the group said.

Messrs. Ibrahim and Nwosu, therefore, urged Mr. Yakubu to ensure that the upcoming elections in Edo and Ondo States reflect the wishes of the electorate and are devoid of inconclusive outcomes, saying he should hand in his resignation if he was not competent to guarantee these results.

“As you prepare for the Edo and Ondo Elections, Please we implore you to reverse the trend of inconclusive elections in Nigeria. Inconclusive Election is an imminent threat to Nigerian Democracy.

“However, if you believe that inconclusive elections is inevitable in Nigeria, please resign honourably in the interest of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” the group said.

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