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World Bank Contractors Drown In Ekiti Dam

World Bank contractors drown at a work site of the Egbe Dam in Ekiti State. Among those who died was the team’s boss Dr. Alayande Waheed, according to the Ekiti State Police Public Relations Officer Albert Ademola.

According to statements given to media by Ekiti State official Folasade Akinrinmola an accident occurred Wednesday night leading to the death of four out of seven contractors working on the site. The Egbe Damn is the largest of six dams in Ekiti State.

According to Mrs. Akinrinmola, “we immediately mobilized a rescue team and an ambulance, and in the process, those wearing life jackets were rescued. The rescued people were the ones who told us that others were in the water.”

Reports say World Bank contractors worked through the Development of Dam and Irrigation Scheme and were led by Dr. Waheed.

The other victims of the tragedy were David Malu, Tirimisiyu Alaran, and a man named Albert whose surname is not known at the time of publication.

The rescued contractors were Buki Ajet, Yaha Mohammed, and Charles Ehimuaye.

According to statements to the Vanguard newspaper one of the victims may be the son of one of those rescued. The deceased were brought to the mortuary in Ode-Ekiti, the headquarters of the local counsel area.

It is understood that the contractors were assessing the dam to make recommendations on how it could be better utilized.

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