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I’m Temporarily Associating With The Ruling Class Just To Study Them Says Adams Oshiomhole



Adams Oshiomhole, outgoing governor of Edo state, says he joined government to understand how politicians manipulate and control societies.

Oshiomhole spoke on Wednesday at a programme organised by the Kukah centre, with the theme ‘From activism to political power: the challenges of democratic governance in Nigeria’.

“I joined the ruling class, having been temporarily associated with them, for the purpose of studying them to know and expose the hidden things they use to manipulate and control societies, ” he said.

“I will be able to say, you know, I know how what you did that time, how much you consumed.

He also explained that change cannot happen through the contributions of one individual but by collective means.

“No one of us can change society through individual actions, because the order you seek to change is of ignorance but you need to appeal to it,” he added.

“Those gaining from the order cannot be sermonised but by engagement you may probably defeat them.”

“As soon as I leave here (office), I will expose it in what I would describe… not as hearsay; I am an insider.

“In those days when the Nigerian Police used to be efficient, an officer would go in with criminals and pretend to be an armed robber so that he can hear the conversation and confession in the cell and then come out as a witness to prosecute criminals in that cell.

“I will be able to say, you know, I know how what you did that time, how much you consumed.”

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