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“Your Appearance Is Not Acceptable In Islam” – Northerners Criticise Aisha Buhari’s Outfit To US

Some fans of the First Lady of Nigeria, Mrs. Aisha Buhari are not happy with her outfit to the United States on Thursday.

Mrs Buhari who is visiting the US for the first time, more than a year after she became first lady, dressed in a black and white patterned jacket on a black skirt.

But some fans on Facebook believe the dressing is unfitting.

“Aisha you are really disappointing Islam and Nigeria in general…..what a dress mode that even Dame patience has never practice on arrival back home…..Buhari should take measures,” Engr Alkali Muktar wrote on Facebook.

Here are some of the other comment screen grabbed from her page:

Northerners on Aisha Dressing 1


In a similar reaction, a facebook fan, Iman Shuwa wrote, “This woman is gradually losing her respect and reputation in the eyes of her supporters, me inclusive”.

For Shamsudeen Ibrahim, the dressing is undeserving of a First Lady…

Aisha Dressing 2

Angry Yakubu Hassan wrote, “Madam fear Allah and dress properly, Walahi you will be responsible for all your deeds..

Aisha dressing 3

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