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Militants On Rampage, Residents of Communities In Ikorodu In Lagos Have Fled Their Homes



Many residents of communities in Ikorodu in Lagos state have fled their homes for fear of being attacked by militants who have taken over the area.

The fleeing residents told NAN on Friday that life had become unbearable for them following the activities of the group.

According to them, the militants have laid siege on the community for two consecutive weeks, robbing, vandalising, kidnapping, raping and maiming their victims.

They have also allegedly stolen domestic animals and raw food stuffs.

The fleeing residents of Igboolowu community said they have informed the Lagos state police command of the development.
Full of fright, the residents added that many of them had to vacate their abode for fear of further attacks and molestations.

Mike Faleke, one the fleeing residents, told NAN that he had left the area with his family due to the activities.

“The hoodlums are pipeline vandals who have resorted to going to people’s homes to dispossess them of whatever they could find, including foodstuffs, goats, chicken, pigs and other domestic animals,” he said.

“They have now moved to Isawo community where they take over their house.

“These criminals now ask the occupants to identify the wealthy people within the community after which they proceed to attack them.

“There was a robbery attack by the militants in our neighbourhood during which a resident escaped to inform the police about the activity of the gang.

“But to the dismay of the residents, the police informed him that their schedule does not extend to the inroad but only on the main road.”

A school teacher, who simply gave his name as Ayo, claimed that with the nonchalant attitude of the police toward their plight, the militant were now on the loose, ravaging the community.

He also alleged that the police had turned back on them, making them wonder “if there is any government in the state?”
The teacher said that the militants had restricted the movement of those who could not escape from 6 am to 6pm on working days, adding that at weekend they seized their operations.

Ayo added that the weapons the hoodlums were carrying were highly sophisticated and could not be compared with that of the police.

Musibau Alao, another witness, said the hoodlums were also raiding filling stations.

He added that the police have keep saying that they were on top of the situation which wasnot true as the hoodlums had continued to lay siege on the communities.

When contacted, Dolapo Badmos, police spokesperson, said enough personnel, including the military had been deployed to the areas.

She said that the security agencies were expected to put the situation under control.

Badmos, however, advised the public not to “panic unnecessarily or move out of their homes”.

“If the public have information about the gunmen, they should report to the police on time.”

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