PDP Wants Buhari To Refund Ekiti N1.5bn Fayemi Donated To Presidential Campaign

The Ekiti State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has requested President Muhammadu Buhari to return the N1.5bn of the state fund contributed to the President’s election by former Ekiti state governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi.

According to a statement issued in Ado-Ekiti on Monday by its Publicity Secretary, Jackson Adebayo, the party said “equity and justice demand that Buhari should return what he got from Ekiti State treasury through Fayemi, if he is running after those who allegedly got money from the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA).”

Adebayo maintained that the N1.5bn, if returned, will go a long way in cushioning the effects of the dwindling economic fortune of the state, especially payment of workers salary.

The statement reads that “Fayemi, who is now Buhari’s Minister of Solid Minerals reportedly transferred N1.5 billion from his account in a bank located along Liberation Square, Accra, Ghana to the APC Presidential Campaign Fund account “in order to place him in a vantage position for ministerial appointment should Buhari win the February 14 Presidential election,” and true to his expectation, he was appointed minister.

“N1.5 billion is a lot of money and Ekiti State government will only need to add some millions to be able to pay one month salary if Buhari returns the money.

“The APC government of Fayemi left office with August and September 2014 salaries of workers unpaid but the same Fayemi could donate N1.5bn to Buhari’s campaign just because he wanted to be minister. Where then is the morality in Buhari’s anti-corruption posture when he was funded with stolen fund?

“The President must therefore return the N1.5 billion stolen from Ekiti State that was used to fund his election,” the ruling party in the state said.

While reiterating the its support for the fight against corruption, the party said, “President Buhari must first remove the logs in his eyes before his attempt to remove the toothpicks in other people’s eyes can be taken seriously and the first step he must take is to return the N1.5 billion he got from Fayemi to fund his election.”

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