Christians In Osun Vow To Wear Choir Robes If Muslims Are Allowed To Wear Hijab

The Christian Association of Nigeria, on Wednesday, vowed to issue a directive to Christian schools in Osun state, instructing the pupils to wear choir robes, if the government goes ahead to implement a court ruling on hijab wearing.

This was contained in a communique issued by CAN Osun state chairman, Revd. Elisha Ogundiya.

The group noted that if the government implements the court verdict, the group will be forced to ask Christian pupils to wear church garments.

Last week Friday, Justice Jide Oyelola of the state High Court ruled that Muslim female pupils in all public school can wear hijabs if they choose to.

CAN described the state Governor, Rauf Aregbesola, as the ‘masterminded’ of the movement to Islamise the state.

“Where the Osun State Government is inclined to implementing the judgment, Christian students in all public schools founded by Christians with the toil and sweat of our forefathers in the faith will have no choice but to start wearing Christian garments and vestments as part of their school uniform for the propagation of our own faith given the Justice Saka Oyejide Falola declared right of Muslim female students to do same as what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander as well. Adherents of other faith who have their choice to make in this matter can wear theirs as well.”

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  1. suleiman A.A

    Mr. CAN leader, no one stops u from telling students to wear choir robe or any other garment as long as it is morally acceptable within the society. Muslim Hijabs are acceptable in the whole of the southwest so i wonder why you have to cry wolf over the fundamental human right of those students. Hijab doesnt not harm any christian nor does it malign them. So just let it be. Thanks justice Oyelola for vindicating our sisters, and I am sure the appeal court will dismiss the reverend’s plea when ever he decides to escalate the matter to an upper court.

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