Ex-President Jonathan Says He Is Being Investigated For Corruption By Buhari

“Bloomberg Surveillance,”  speakrs with former President Goodluck Jonathan where headmitted that he is being investigated for corruption.

Mr. Jonathan revealed this while discussing the state of the Nigerian economy and the impact corruption has had on it.

“Corruption has been routine since the collapse of the First Republic,” the former president said when asked about corruption in Nigeria.

“I did very well, also, to curtail corruption. My approach to corruption was don’t make money available for people to touch.”

The interviewer interjected and asked Mr. Jonathan if he was worried that he would be investigated for corruption that took place during his tenure as president.

“Of course, obviously, I will be investigated. Yes, investigations are going on,” he replied after pausing.

When asked if the investigations would uncover any wrongdoing on his part, Mr. Jonathan said he would not want to comment on the investigations while they are still in progress.

“I wouldn’t want to make certain comments because when a government is working it is not proper for an immediate past president to make certain statements. I will allow the government to do the work they’re supposed to do. I wouldn’t want to make serious comments on that.

“I’ve just left office. I should allow the president and his team to do what they believe is good for the country.”

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