For Bukola Saraki, 80 Lawyers Storm Code Of Conduct Tribunal

After a 28 minute delay, proceedings have started at the Code of Conduct Tribunal, with Senate President, Bukola Saraki seated uncomfortably inside the dock.

After the court clerk called the case, the lead prosecution counsel, Chief Kanu Agabi, announced his appearance and members of his team.
“We shall win as there are 80 of us on this side,” Kanu Agabi to the surprise of the court.

Last week, he came with 72 lawyers, six of them SANs. Agabi himself made up the 73rd lawyer.

But now the number has jumped to 80.

“We shall win as there are 80 of us on this side,” Kanu Agabi said as he started announcing the the names of the other lawyers with him.

The Chairman of the Tribunal and others in court burst into laughter as he said this.

He then began to reel off the long list of names of lawyers with him.

Saraki is facing a 13 count charge of false asset declaration. And central today is that his four score lawyers want to stop the trial, by raising the issue of jurisdiction.

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