Lagos Will No Longer ‘Sponsor Pilgrims To Mecca, Jerusalem’ According To Governor Ambode

Lagos State Government has halted the sponsorship of both Muslims and Christians pilgrimages to Mecca in Saudi Arabia or Jerusalem in Israel.

The state government said sponsoring such pilgrimages was an irresponsible way of spending tax payers’ money.

This was disclosed by the Commissioner for Home Affairs in the State, Abdulateef Abdulhakeem, when members of the Lagos State House of Assembly Committee on Home Affairs, paid a visit to the ministry on Thursday.
“Part of our mandate is the supervision of the Pilgrims Welfare Board. Recently the governor and the state executive council approved a policy for the state to stop sponsorship of pilgrimages and that is line with the policy thrust of the government and what the State House of Assembly also speaks to.”

“In this day and time when we are talking about paucity of funds coupled with inhibiting challenges that the government has to take care of. We can no-longer afford to spend the sum of one million on one single individual to go on pilgrimage when the scripture did not compel anyone to do so.”

“So it is most irresponsible way of spending tax payer’s money. That is why the government has taken a solid decision that we will be accountable and responsible for every kobo that the tax payers pay to the government. It is an injustice for the government to be spending millions on group of people when millions of Lagosians are yearning for government’s attention.”

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