Actress Caroline Danjuma’s Marriage To Billionaire Husband, Musa Danjuma Finally Crash?

SDK is exclusively reporting that the actress’ marriage to Musa Danjuma has finally crashed, and that one of the billionaire’s mistress is pregnant with his child!

SDK’s sources also claim this new mistress, a Nigerian woman called Maya, has been bragging about how she sleeps on Caroline Danjuma’s matrimonial bed each time the actress is out of the country.

”Caroline is over the shock and has moved on and is concentrating on her kids and her business,” the source claim, “She has realised that it is of no use fighting over a man and she is the wiser for it.”

According to sources, the couple’s relationship failed due to his to infidelity to his wife, and that it started before the birth of their third child together. The couple are currently going through divorce proceedings and are merely living together as “flat mates.”


Jyoti Matharoo (l) and her sister, Kiran. Credit: stelladimokorkus.com

Pictured is the  new mistress, Jyoti Matharoo, reportedly heavily pregnant with Danjuma’s child and is allegedly waiting to move in with the business mogul.

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